The Producers

Message from the Producers:

Gratitude. Privilege. Respect. These three words rise to the surface as we try to encapsulate the mighty experience that is the twenty five years of Spirit of Newfoundland. To be blessed with 25 years of love, laughter, music and magic under the umbrella of Newfoundland and Labrador's rich artistic and cultural soul is such a honorable milestone. The icing on the cake was to be named the winner of the 2017 Legend Award for the City of St. John's.

To the hundreds of NL's most talented and exciting musicians, actors, singers , writers and comedians, we salute you. You have graced our stage night after night, celebrating your craft while leaving a trail of pride and aspiration. You inspired enough laughter, joy, surprise, friendship and celebration to propel us all into the history books as the longest running dinner in NL.

The countless reservations agents, administrators, chefs and kitchen crew, servers, maintenance team, marketers and front line people. You are all magicians to handle the hundreds of thousands of guests through our doors. The master magician is Colleen O'Reilly who for so many years has been our saving grace. We hold you in such high esteem for all you do and how you build a team and carry our company philosophy into every single show.

To our managers. We have always needed and celebrated a strong person at the helm. We have a solid foundation because of an incredible team through the years like Al Wozney, Rhonda Hutton, Paul Bugge, Kay Woodford, Bridget Hillier, all who helped shape our day to day and how our company is viewed in the community. 

To our friends and family who have been there for this whole, creative, wondrous journey. They have shared in so many of our tears, challenges, milestones, celebrations and monumental feats. They have purchased tickets, helped decorate, plated food in our kitchen and threw themselves into whatever we nedded done at the time. And we needed a lot done. We salute you.

And to you, our guests, the best audience in the world. From the first day we started with 20 people in the audience, you were there to encourage, support, laugh, celebrate and appreciate what we were delivering. We had no idea then that we were staring a 20 year relationship with you. Yet here we are. If only we could thank each one of you individually. And the big groups who come year after year to fundraise for your own organizations like Rotary, Kiwannis, nursing homes, churches, VOWR, hockey teams and cheerleading squads. Our support of you turns into big support for us.