Dinner Menu

Bread Sampler

Spirit of Newfoundland’s famous sourdough bread made with a 282-year-old
bread starter that was 
brought to Newfoundland in 1999.
Served with a 
variety of flavoured whipped butters.


Savory Sweet Potato Soup with hints of cinnamon,nutmeg and white wine, garnished with garlic aioli

Main Course

Choice of:

Chicken Breast (stuffed with Spinach & Feta cheese). Topped with a garlic cream sauce


Fresh Atlantic Cod baked with parmesan and tomato.


Main Courses served with whipped potato, mashed
turnip, carrot and steamed broccoli, w/ gravy


The Official Newfoundland Screech Rum Cake ~
Screech Rum cake, Screech Rum sauce and whipped cream.

Served with Coffee or Tea.