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Grinch Dressing and Gravy


Spirit of Newfoundland brings Grinch, Dressing & Gravy to the Holy Heart Theatre on December 12th & 13th and the Sheila Nagiera theatre in Carbonear on December 16th

Spirit of Newfoundland’s, “Grinch, Dressing and Gravy” is our hilarious yet touching Newfoundland adaptation of the Christmas classic, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.”

“Grinch, Dressing and Gravy” celebrates the humor, music, charm and spirit of Who Ville.  Who Ville is where all the Who’s love Christmas, and attempts by the mean Grinch to ruin this special time of year all fail, and the true meaning of Christmas prevails.

A Spirit of Newfoundland Production of this Christmas classic set in Newfoundland, A Must See!

“Grinch Dressing and Gravy” is written by Peter Halley, Ian MacDonald and Michael Power.  This show includes participation by the Ignite Dance Company and the Spirit of Newfoundland band.

A fundraiser for the historic Masonic Theatre.

Holy Heart Theatre, St. John's December 12th & 13th  Get your tickets here

Sheila Nagiera theatre, Carbonear December 16th Get your tickets here

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